In progress

  • Sharq Crossing Doha
    ...more The Sharq Crossing (formerly Doha Bay Crossing) Masterplan has been developed by Santiago Calatrava at the request of the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Urban Planning (MMUP) and features a unique combination of an efficient civil engineering solution and a highly iconic design. The Masterplan features a major traffic connection linking the Airport area with the West Bay Financial District and the Cultural City.
    • View over the Bay with Skyline of Doha
  • Huashan Canal Bridge Wuhan
    ...more Santiago Calatrava LLC has been commissioned by the Hubei United Investment Group to design three landmark road and pedestrian bridges in the rapidly expanding city of Huashan in the People’s Republic of China. Huashan is situated approximately 20 km east of Wuhan in the Hubei province. The recent construction of a canal, which connects two feeder lakes of the Yangtze River, and a new waterside city centre generates the requirement for new bridges over a 0.75 km stretch of the canal. The bridges permits vehicular, pedestrian and bicycle access across the canal.
  • Polcevera viaduct Genoa
    ...more On August 14, 2018, the Polcevera viaduct, commonly known as the Morandi Bridge, underwent a partial collapse, causing 43 deaths, 15 injuries and displacing more than 600. This cable-stayed bridge served as the major link between the A10 and A7 motorways in Genoa. Following this tragedy, Santiago Calatrava proposed various designs for the replacement bridge and associated 1.10 km road link reconstruction.
  • Traversee du Lac Geneva
    ...more La courbe de l’arche et son reflet daus l’eau est complémentaire à la verticalité du jet d’eau, Elle ne vient pas le concurrencer c’est un dialogue entre les deux formes complémentaires. Les symboles se parlent, l’un est virtuel, fait par l’eau et la lumière, l’autre est réel, fait par l’acier qui relie deux endroits différents.
  • Eglisau Bridge Eglisau
    ...more In 2019, the Canton of Zurich launched an anonymous two-phased design competition which sought proposals for a bypass around the town of Eglisau, including a significant crossing over the River Rhine. The proposal from Architect and Engineer Santiago Calatrava was the chosen as the winner from a shortlist of 12 entries.
  • Grüningen Bridges Grüningen
    ...more The picturesque town of Grüningen has been subject to traffic congestion for many decades. In 2018, a design competition was set up by the local authorities to invite proposals for a bypass, including new crossings over the adjacent valley. Calatrava’s design, comprising a ring road with two new bridges for pedestrian and road traffic respectively, was selected as the winner for its elegant approach to solving the problems of traffic congestion.

  • 2021 Margaret McDermott Bridges (IH30) Dallas
    ...more The Trinity River Corridor Project will reintroduce a natural, vibrant recreational area promoting city infrastructure and further unify riverfront districts.The creation of lakes, shores and forest trails will reinvigorate the riverfront area as a whole and encourage district enhancement. These enhancements, coupled with the introduction of the iconic Margaret McDermott Bridges which provide efficient transit crossings for both pedestrians and cyclists, are essential to the strength of the project.
  • 2018 Ponte sul Crati Cosenza
    ...more To accommodate this difficult site, Calatrava suggested a cable-stayed bridge with a single inclined pylon rising above the urban surroundings. The steel main bridge deck itself spans over the river Crati, connecting Via Sant’Antonio dell’Orto/Contrada Gergeri with Via Reggio Calabria. The concrete side span in over passing the two tracks railway.


  • 2012 Peace Bridge Calgary
    ...more The Peace Bridge in Calgary, Calatrava's 3rd project in Canada, opened in 2012 and 126 m long, connects the residential community of Sunnyside with the downtown community of Eau Claire.
    • by night
    • Inner Structure, Pathway
    • inner Structure, Center View with People
    • Detail from Construction Frame
    • Calgary Peace Bridge, View from the Side
    • View from below, lower Structure
    • View from the City
    • View from the City, by Night
  • 2012 Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge Dallas
    ...more Located in downtown Dallas, the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge is a major component of the city’s urban revitalization efforts, connecting Dallas’ two riverbanks for easy passage between the downtown area and the rapidly revitalizing neighborhoods of West Dallas.


  • 2009 Samuel Beckett Bridge Dublin
    ...more Commissioned by Dublin City Council, the Samuel Beckett Bridge (formerly Macken Street Bridge) is one of the two bridges designed by Calatrava, the other being the James Joyce Bridge completed in 2003. The Samuel Beckett Bridge serves as the continuation of an existing street whilst creating a necessary link in the urban axis between Macken Street/Cardiff Lane and Guild Street. This cable-stayed balanced bridge with two unequal spans provides vehicular traffic and pedestrians access crossing the Liffey River.
  • 2008 Serreria Bridge Valencia
    ...more Situated at the eastern-most edge within the City of Arts and Sciences Complex, the Serreria Bridge's deck is suspended from an inclined curved pylon built on the southern part of the site.
  • 2008 Bridge of Strings (Light Rail Train) Jerusalem
    ...more In 1999, the Municipality of Jerusalem and the Israel Ministries of Transportation and Finance began its plans to construct the Jerusalem Light Rail mass transit system consisting of eight lines. The first line will run 15 kilometers (9.3 miles) from Pisgat Zeev to Yad Vashem and includes the Jerusalem's Central Bus Station and the Eastern Gate entrance to Jerusalem. At the request of the City of Jerusalem, Calatrava designed a new bridge in the city's key area near the Central Bus Station to carry the light rail across a densely developed urban area and to resolve the traffic and pedestrian issues, while creating a new landmark for the entrance to the city.
  • 2008 Quarto Ponte sul Canal Grande Venice
    ...more No other city in the world has so many large and small bridges as does Venice. The addition of one more should not cause much of an impression — except that the construction of a new pedestrian bridge over the Grand Canal, only the fourth to be built since the 16th century, is clearly a national and international event. In November 1999, Santiago Calatrava was commissioned to design this new bridge.
  • 2007 Reggio Emilia Ponti Reggio Emilia
    ...more In October, 2007, an ensemble of three bridges designed by Calatrava was inaugurated in Reggio nellà Emilia, near Bologna in Italy. These bridges are the first phase of a larger project, which will includes a new high-speed railway station and other infrastructure improvement program.
  • 2006 Petah-Tikva Footbridge Tel Aviv
    ...more The challenge posed to Calatrava in this project was to connect the two recently constructed facilities, the shopping mall and the residential development with each other and with the Rabin Memorial Hospital at the intersection of Basel Street, while making it possible to incorporate a connection to the new proposed bus stops in the middle lanes of Jabotinsky Road.


  • 2004 Katehaki Pedestrian Bridge Athens
    ...more At the request of Athen's Attiko Metro, Calatrava designed a new single-span stayed pedestrian bridge with inclined pylon and exterior counterstays crossing the Mesogion Avenue to connect with the Katehaki subway station in the city of Athens.
  • 2004 Olympic Sports Complex Athens
    ...more The return of the Olympic and Paralympic Games to Greece was received with great excitement around the world, however, there was also great anxiety because the existing facilities was far from adequate and the city lacked experience with constructing such large-scale projects.
  • 2004 Bridges over the Hoofdvaart Haarlemmermeer
    ...more Centered in the town of Hoofddorp in the Netherlands, Haarlemmermeer is an area of rapid economic and urban growth. With the new development program on both sides of the Hoofdvaart Canal, which includes the construction of 17,000 new residential units, the Haarlemmermeer District Council resolved to create access to this new residential area through bridges at main crossings over the canal and acts as the main drainage of what was once the Haarlemmermeer or Harlem Sea.
  • 2004 Sundial Footbridge Redding
    ...more Located on the Sacramento River in Northern California, Turtle Bay Exploration Park is a 300-acre campus centered on the Turtle Bay Museum, which features interactive exhibits exploring the relationship between humans and the natural world.
  • 2003 James Joyce Bridge Dublin
    ...more The new bridge over the Liffey River is a key element in Dublin Corporation's Historic Area Renewal Project (HARP), intended to improve the flow of pedestrian and vehicular traffic and to encourage urban regeneration in the city's northwest quadrant.
  • 2001 Puente de la Mujer Buenos Aires
    ...more Since the beginning of the late eighties, Buenos Aires began to take interest in urban planning development strategies and particularly sought to revitalise the city's run-down port area, the Puerto Madero.


  • 2000 Pont de l'Europe Orléans
    ...more The consortium of local communities (SIVOM) of the region of Orléans decided in 1996 to organize a competition for the design and execution of a new bridge over the Loire River, linking the communities of Saint-Jean de la Ruelle at the north and Saint-Pryvé Saint-Mesmin at the south. The bridge would ameliorate suburban circulation.
  • 1999 Manrique Footbridge Murcia
    ...more The growth and expansion of the city of Murcia have created the need for new connections between the Segura River banks and the city as well as the upgrading of existing bridges. Calatrava was approached to design two closely related bridge projects; a new footbridge across the Segura River and the expansion of an existing hospital bridge located some 300 meters (984 feet) upriver. The hospital bridge project envisions doubling the width of the existing bridge to relieve the traffic bottleneck.
  • 1999 Puente Hospital Murcia
    ...more The growth and expansion of the city of Murcia have created the need for new connections between the Segura River banks and the city as well as the upgrading of existing bridges. Calatrava was approached to design two closely related bridge projects; a new footbridge across the Segura River and the expansion of an existing hospital bridge located some 300 meters (984 feet) upriver. The hospital bridge project envisions doubling the width of the existing bridge to relieve the traffic bottleneck.
  • 1998 Mimico Creek Pedestrian Bridge Toronto
    ...more Mimico Creek Pedestrian Bridge, Calatrava's 2pd project in Canada, opened in 1998 and 44 m long, is part of an extension to the Waterfront Trail along the shores of Lake Ontario. The site is close to Toronto's famous Humber River Arch Bridge.
  • 1997 Campo Volantín Footbridge Bilbao
    ...more The Campo Volantin Footbridge provides a strikingly modern pedestrian crossing of the Neruion River estuary, midway between Bilbao's Parque Etxabarria and City Hall and the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao.
  • 1996 Oberbaum Bridge Berlin
    ...more Shortly after the reunification of Germany, the Berlin Senate resolved to rebuild the damaged Oberbaum Bridge as one of the key connections between the city's former East and West sectors. The existing bridge, incorporating an overhead viaduct for an electric railway, opened in 1896, connecting Warschauer Strasse to the east with Skalitzer Strasse to the west, and was damaged during World War II, when military commandos blew up the center span.
  • 1996 Kronprinzen Bridge Berlin
    ...more The Kronprinzen Bridge in Berlin was a design submission for an invited competition held in 1991, organized by the Senatsverwaltung für Bau und Wohnungswesen. The original Kronprinzen Bridge over the River Spree was built between 1877 and 1889, based on the Schinkel's Schloss Bridge.


  • 1995 Trinity Footbridge Manchester
    ...more This bridge, a joint project by Phoenix Initiative and the City of Salford, marks the first phase of the development of Chapel Wharf in the former docklands. The Chapel Street area, identified for commercial redevelopment, forms a natural extension to the Manchester Regional Centre.
  • 1995 Alameda Bridge and Subway Station Valencia
    ...more The Alameda Bridge spans 130 meters (426.4 feet) over the former bed of the diverted Turia River to connect the university district in the north with Valencia's old town off the southern banks, thus providing an all-important pedestrian crossing point for the area. A subway station, aligned on the same longitudinal axis directly below the bridge was constructed at the same time.
  • 1995 Puerto Bridge Ondarroa
    ...more This bridge carries the new road when approaching the Port of Ondarroa, as it passes over Artibay Sound where the sound and port meet. Commissioned by the Municipality of Ajuntement de la Ondarroa, the bridge relives Ondarroa town from heavy harbor traffic and its walkways offers pedestrians new opportunities to enjoy the formerly interrupted waterfront.
  • 1992 Alamillo Bridge & Cartuja Viaduct Sevilla
    ...more The Expo '92 World Fair provided the authorities of Seville with an opportunity to improve the infrastructure of the city and its surrounding areas in the Province of Andalusia. This initiative included the provision of better road connections to neighboring towns, a ring road for Seville, and eight new bridges over the Guadalquivir river.
  • 1991 La Devesa Footbridge Ripoll
    ...more Commissioned by the Ajuntament de la Comtal Vila de Ripoll, north of Barcelona in the Pyrenees, Le Devesa Footbridge was designed in 1989 and realized between August 1990 and July 1991. This pedestrian bridge, accommodating a height difference of 5 meters (16.4 feet), spans the Ter near the center of Ripoll and connects the area of La Devesa with the railway station.
  • 1991 Lusitania Bridge Mérida
    ...more The Council of Extremadura decided in 1988 to commission the Lusitania Bridge to accommodate a sharp increase in regional traffic, which followed the promotion of Merida to the capital of Extremadura. The bridge connects the old town of Merida in western, central Spain to the newly developed area of Poligono on the northern side of the River Guadiana.


  • 1988 9 de Octubre Bridge Valencia
    ...more Commissioned by the Government of Valencia in 1986 and built between May 1987 and May 1989, the 9 de Octubre Bridge provides a major vehicular link to the main Madrid road, relieving the areas of la Caldera and Olivereta from traffic.
  • 1987 Bach de Roda - Felipe II Bridge Barcelona
    ...more Barcelona's planning authority commissioned the Bach de Roda Bridge to connect the area of Sant Andrea in the north to San Marti in the south, on the fringes of the Plan Cerdá. This initiative, which was part of a scheme to revitalize two impoverished areas of the city, also included the construction of a new railway station close by.